Happimess Mess Pack (Digital Resource Pack)




Hair up!

Put on your glitter and host your own Happimess Party! We’re going to show you how to make our very own Troll Mud, Guy Diamond Disco and Poppy Pasta necklaces. We’ll also share fantastic tuff trays ideas, such as King Grissle Pizza Making, Karma Creek Rice, Biggie Blue Slime. Here at Mess Around, we also love arts and crafts too and have created fantastic activities, so you can create your very own Cloud Man, Troll Pod Homes and Giant Flower Pots.

This Happimess Mess pack is a downloadable pack, which includes a video event and instructions on how to create our messy play activities trolls themed messy, sensory play activity ideas. It also includes  8 Trolls tuff tray messy, sensory play activities with instructions and 8 fantastic trolls arts and crafts activities.

Messy Play Activities

  • Guy Diamond Disco Cloud Dough
  • Troll Soap Mud
  • Princess Poppy Pasta Necklaces
  • Biggie Blue Slime
  • Karma Creek Rice
  • Cooper Crazy Soap
  • Cooper Cup Cake Decorating
  • King Gristle Pizza Making

Arts and Crafts Activities 

  • Troll Pod Homes
  • Troll Toad Stalls
  • Happimess Bird Feeders
  • Princess and Branch Rock Painting
  • Cloud Man
  • Paper Rainbow
  • Giant Flower Pots
  • Troll headbands


Create your very own lesson plans, projects, week end activities, sessions, events or birthday parties in your own environment.

(This is a digital pack and not does not include any physical products. The digital resource pack will be emailed to the email address you supply)

The kids love it and so do the parents.