Messy Hatters Mess Pack (Digital Resource Pack)




Would you like to go on a messy adventure now or shall we have a rice tea party first?

Join Krissy and the Mess Around Gang at their Messy Hatter’s Tea Party. Messy Hatter Krissy is going to show you how to dye rice, so you can create your very own coloured Rice Tea Party! It wouldn’t be a tea party without getting messy with some biscuit decorating, a bubble bath tea cup wash and some potion making!

If you would love to create your very own Messy Hatter’s Party in your own home, community, nursery, kindergarten or school setting then our  Messy Hatter’s Mess Resource Pack  would be ideal for you. It is a downloadable pack, which includes the instructions for how to create 4 messy play activities, 4 arts and crafts activities with the video event, step by step guides, Alice in Wonderland themed Arts and Crafts activities, with instructions and downloadable templates.

Messy Play Activities

  • Rice Tea Party
  • Teacup Wash
  • Biscuit decorating
  • Potions

Arts and Crafts Activities 

  • Wonderland Flowers
  • Paper Tea Cups
  • Wonderland Pocket Watch
  • Mad Hatter’s Headbands

Create your very own lesson plans, projects, week end activities, sessions, events or birthday parties in your own environment.

(This is a digital pack and not does not include any physical products. The digital resource pack will be emailed to the email address you supply)

The kids love it and so do the parents.