Rumble in the Jungle Mess Pack (Digital Resource Pack)




Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!

Put on your explorers hats and get ready to explore the Mess Around Jungle. Nellie the Elephant kicks off the fun as we head for a mud bath with the animals. The snakes are excited to play in our jelly swamp and the monkey’s jump up and down when we get out the banana delight! We also share with you our fantastic tuff tray ideas, such as Fruit Bats and Rainforest paint, plus lots of jungle themed arts and crafts activities. This is a fantastic resource for parents, nurseries, primary schools, special need schools who want to explore messy play, arts and crafts in a fun way! 

This Rumble in the Jungle Mess pack is a downloadable pack, includes instructions on how to create our messy play activities, video events, step by step guides, video instructions and themed Arts and Crafts activities, with instructions and downloadable template.

Messy Play Activities

  • Mud Bath
  • Jelly Swamp
  • Monkey Delight
  • Jungle Playdough
  • Animal Footprints

Arts and Crafts Activities 

  • Paper Chain Snake
  • Crocodile Peg
  • Colourful Parrot
  • Explorers Binoculars
  • Animal Cups
  • Egg Box Crocodile
  • Paper Plate Lion

Create your very own lesson plans, projects, week end activities, sessions, events or birthday parties in your own environment.

(This is a digital pack and not does not include any physical products. The digital resource pack will be emailed to the email address you supply)


The kids love it and so do the parents.