Spooktacular Castle Instructions

Step 1: Making the bits we need.

TIP No. 1: Read all of the instructions before you start.

  • First, cut along all of the dashed lines shown in the Template (below), being careful not to cut along the dotted lines as these are for folding.

  • Most of the dashed lines are easy to cut as they lie along the natural creases of the Mess Box. However cutting 1 and 2 down the middle can be a little tricky. If you want to be precise, the middle is 17cm from either side.

  • When you’re finished cutting, you should find that you have 13 different pieces. It’s also worth writing the number on each piece as you cut it free, just so you can keep track.

  • Now the fun can begin!

Step 2: The Castle

TIP No. 2: Remember that the inside of the Mess Box is blank, so if you want the outside of your castle to be blank, keep the inside face of the Mess Box towards the outside.

  • Before we start gluing, first cut along the 3 dashed lines in the middle of Section 1 of the Template (see below); these will form the front doors of the Castle.

  • Don’t worry too much about getting this perfect because we are going to hide this with the real doors later on, but if you’re using a standard pair of kitchen scissors, one full cut should be long enough.

  • Next, take Sections 1 and 2 and fold along the lines shown in the Template.

  • We will use the holes in the box to form the Crenulations (that’s another word for Battlements). It’s where the witches and wizards cast their spells from!

  • Glue Section 2 as shown in the Template and then stick Sections 1 and 2 together so that it looks like Picture 1, 2 (see below).

Step 3: The Castle Walls

TIP No. 3: Don’t forget to follow the picture instructions. It will help you with this bit.

  • Glue sections 3 and 4 as shown in the Template, but be careful to glue the right side if you want to keep your castle walls blank.

  • Whenever you see this symbol remember to glue on the outside of the Box. That’s the side with the Mess Around pictures on that you coloured in earlier.

  • Once you’ve put your glue on, stick both sections to either side of the Castle.

  • Your castle should now look like Picture 3, 4.

Step 4: The Courtyard Floor

TIP No. 4: We are going to fill the castle with Oozy Goozy Goo, so make sure you use lots of glue and you do some good sticking.

  • Fold and glue section 5 as shown in the Template.

  • Place Section 5 under the castle and fold the glued section up and behind the main castle.

  • You may need to put your hands inside the castle and apply a little weight just to make sure it all sticks together because this is where we are going to pour in the Oozy Goozy Goo. Make sure you have a good seal around the bottom.

  • Your castle should now look like Picture 5.

Step 5: The Courtyard Walls

TIP No. 5: Don’t forget to make the cut in 6 and 7. It’s a small one and can be overlooked.

  • Fold sections 6 and 7 as shown in the Template.

  • The next bit is a little tricky because it goes against the grain of the cardboard, but it’s easier than it sounds.

  • First, fold along the line that runs all the way down the edge of Section 6. An easy way to do this is to take a ruler and press it into the cardboard along the line you want to fold. If you don’t have a ruler, don’t worry, just fold it as best you can.

  • Next, if you haven’t done so already, cut along the little line in the glue section just under the glue symbol. This will let you fold it into the shape we need.

  • Fold the bottom of Section 6 to make a right angle. That’s 90 degrees! We want the white side of the box to be on the outside of the Castle when we glue the wall to the Courtyard floor.

  • Apply glue to Section 6 as shown in the Template and then stick the small folded part of Section 6 under the Courtyard floor (Section 5).

  • Once you’ve done the same to Section 7, your castle should look like Picture 6, 7.

Step 6: The Castle Doors

  • This bit is easy. Glue the doors 8 and 9, to the door that you cut out earlier in Step 2, Section 1.

  • Your castle should now look like Picture 8, 9.

Step 7: The Castle Gate

TIP No. 6: Remember, we are going to fill the castle with Oozy Goozy Goo, so make sure the gate are glued shut.

  • You’re nearly there. We’ve now got a Castle, and what does every castle need? Front gates or a Portcullis! But first we have a little folding still to do.

  • Take Section 10 (it’s the one with the gates printed on the outside) and fold along the line as shown in the Template.

  • Once you’ve folded your gate, glue as shown in the Template. Stick the folded section under the Courtyard floor and stick the back of the gate to the Courtyard wall.

  • When you stick Section 11 to the left hand side, overlap the gates slightly to keep them shut. You will need a little extra glue for this as shown in the Template.

  • Your castle should now look like Picture 10, 11.

Step 8: Now for the final touches. The Goo Keepers

  • That’s it, the last bit. The Goo Keepers.

  • Fold Section 12 and 13 as shown in the Template and glue them into the corners that join the Courtyard walls to the Castle.

  • The Goo Keepers are there to stop the Oozy Goozy Goo from crawling out over the walls. Given half a chance it will, you know!

  • You’re finished! Your castle should now look like Picture 12, 13.

  • Well done!

What you’ll need: pair of scissors & gluestick

Estimated time to construct: 20-30 minutes